Monday, May 2, 2016

Halloween 2014

One of our favorite times of year- Halloween! Seriously, we love Halloween at this house! (my kids have already picked out what they are going to be for Halloween this year and it is only May!) We love the pumpkins, the costumes, candy, candy apples, trick or treating, Gardner Village, more candy, and of course the leaves changing. We love it all. This year was no exception!
A fun trip to Gardner Village minus Ethan and Jake who either didn't want to go or had plans.

The kids and Ben(the big kid) are always creative when carving their pumpkins. This year Will was obsessed with his pumpkin! For days he kept the strip of paper that I had cut off the bottom of the pattern. He would take it everywhere with him and for some reason would "eye it up" with the actual pumpkin on the front porch, I guess to make sure it was still the same?!? Who knows! But it was darn cute!

 Costumes were pretty simple this year- 

Post Trick-or-Treating sorting-

Another successful Halloween!

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