Monday, May 2, 2016

Halloween 2014

One of our favorite times of year- Halloween! Seriously, we love Halloween at this house! (my kids have already picked out what they are going to be for Halloween this year and it is only May!) We love the pumpkins, the costumes, candy, candy apples, trick or treating, Gardner Village, more candy, and of course the leaves changing. We love it all. This year was no exception!
A fun trip to Gardner Village minus Ethan and Jake who either didn't want to go or had plans.

The kids and Ben(the big kid) are always creative when carving their pumpkins. This year Will was obsessed with his pumpkin! For days he kept the strip of paper that I had cut off the bottom of the pattern. He would take it everywhere with him and for some reason would "eye it up" with the actual pumpkin on the front porch, I guess to make sure it was still the same?!? Who knows! But it was darn cute!

 Costumes were pretty simple this year- 

Post Trick-or-Treating sorting-

Another successful Halloween!

Happy 10th Birthday Jocelyn!

Hard to imagine this girl is growing up so fast! Love her cute spirit she brings to our family. I can't imagine her sassy and spunky personality not being in our family. So grateful for this cute girl!

Sascha and Jocelyn

Loves her mustache suspenders!

Love that this girl of mine is the perfect mix of tomboy and girlie!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Filling every chair....

Can't help but laugh at these pictures- so blog worthy! One day, memories of theses crazy filled days will fade- you know, just the normal everyday days. I love how these pictures will remind me of what it once was like. We filled every chair at the dentist this day-Sept 30th 2014. Will is 3 years old and it was his first time he got xrays. He was a champ as well as the other kids too. The following visits for Owen were not as pleasant. He definitely started brushing better after those visits!

Will, Owen,Riley,Jocelyn

Party Time!

This year both Riley and Owen wanted birthday parties and Riley suggested having them together. We set about planning and decided that the Legacy center climbing wall would be a lot of fun. So they each picked just a few friends to come to the party. They climbed the wall a ton -over and over.

Owen loves plants vs zombies!

Owen turned 6 on Sept 16, 2014. He loves anything that is related to Plants vs Zombies and has been asking for Heelys for months. Of course he asked for a zombie cake and for some reason I thought having a brain on a cake was a good idea. The cake turned out great- just as creepy as I thought it would. He LOVED it! He was so surprised when Ben and I took him to the store to pick out his Heelys, he walked around with a dazed look like he couldn't believe he was getting Heely's. Those Heelys have been well loved and he still wears them to this day. I don't think he wants to admit that they don't fit anymore! Most days I am exhausted by this kiddo but he is one amazing kid who runs a full range of emotions to it's fullest everyday- and somehow he gets the rest of us to do it along side him! I can't imagine life without him. (it would be so quiet!)

Aunt Helen gave him a box of wind up toys- they had a blast with them! Will could not stop laughing!

Aunt Helen also gave him a zombie shirt- she sure knows what he likes!